Thursday, August 20, 2009

Which God is right, which God answers fast?

I know its you my creator not any other. Whenever am going to work sad faces are the ones that greet me. Faces of people in desperation and I wonder why this is around me creator.

I look on as children are begging for survival with their mothers monitoring the activity.
Disabled people that have been condemned by the state of their limbs to being Beggars on the streets.

My creator you have the powers of erasing all these suffering in my community please my creator remove all the sorrow around me.

LASUBAN you’re the one that can erase all these misery from earth.

I have fulfilled my responsibility on earth by praying and meditating about this so that One bright morning when my work is over on earth and I fly home to Zion I will be your happy servant I pray LASUBAN .


  1. Jeremiah 32:27 says Behold,Am the Lord God of ALL flesh, is there anything too hard for me?
    So Mr.Anguyo take heart the creator will answer yr prayers so that He may be Glorified.