Monday, March 2, 2009

Obesity, inner peace, human rights , my tummy and my neighbours tummy

According to the world health organisation “the world’s population is increasingly getting obese and this is mainly as a result of a combination of excessive caloric intake and lack of physical activity.” As the major causes.

When I look out of my window in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Africa in general I see my neighbour craving for my crumbs in my trash I run out and step on them no one eat from my sweat.

It’s a capitalist world I eat from my sweat alone and my family its me, my self, family and I.
God for us all.

I smoke my cigarettes on my balcony every morning my family has to get jobs I have all the technology to heal my family when it gets sick from lung cancer can’t I ? “hahahaha grassshious Gooo…d” thanks for blessing me with life and pulling my neighbours life support plug and giving it to us making us the prosperous nations in human history.

we have all the power and might if they try to breath hahahah i have guns to give them so they keep fighting against them selves so they can still stay hungry

Hahaha if it stops raining as a result of my excessive smoke from my industries and driving my expensive fuel guzzling wheels you know public transport sucks and I cannot stand the smell of my neighbours cheap perfume when it stops raining it’s a mater of blasting silver iodide in the sky hahaha raaaiiinnn in seconds.

When diabetes gets me hahaha I have insulin Hey hey hey that’s not a problem.
If I become obese hey hey hey I have a gym instructor .
Thanks for being my only God and giving me all my neighbours’ blessings as a bonus.

I look on and ask do we need to eat a lot than we need when thy neighbour is hungry?

I walk down one of the slums and I see a grand mother with her grand children 14 and 12 their father died of AIDS. He was the breadwinner in the family now grand mum has to look after her grand children.

She wakes up every day early in the morning to wait for traders offloading their beans to their stores so that she can pick the ones that drop one by one until she gets the ones enough for the day’s meal.

Today traders tied their sacks so hard no bean seed dropped down they have to maximize profits

Her grand daughter that is 14 years is at home very hungry waiting for the beans its too much I cant stand this hunger

An HIV positive man passes by vending HIV in exchange for one bean grand daughter has not eaten in 2 days and she ponders on what to do.

Granddaughter sleeps with an HIV positive man so that she can get the taste of only one bean seed the seed t grows into pregnancy and HIV.

Is the world supposed to be like this I look on and wonder?
Are you at peace when thy neighbor is hungry?

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